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“It helps me all over with aches and pains!! I am 55 and I work a very physical job and boy can I tell if I don’t take it for awhile. Makes a huge difference!!” – Kerbear

“I totally love this product. It’s pure, it works, and it gets rid of toxins in your body from atmospheric, water, food,
medicines and other substances such as GMO foods, nuclear fallout, etc. I have used it for about 1 year now,
and I highly recommend it.” – K.N. Nelson

“Minty taste makes not too bad even drinking it with water only. I drink about 2-3 liters of this a day. Since I started doing this I lost weight, feel more energetic, and my skin has cleared up noticeably. I’m a believer even though it looks odd drinking green water!” – K. Peter

“Our whole family has started using fish oil for the health benefits and this is one of the few products that has the high levels of Omega while also being affordable.

After taking this regularly for about two weeks, we can feel a noticeable difference in our health and mood.
Highly recommend..” – Amazon Customer

“I have had some pains and aches in my shoulder and elbow. I used to use Arthri D3 but the price soared. I looked for a similar product and came across this. After taking it for five days as directed, the pain is gone! This is much cheaper than other products on the market and does the job just as well.” – Shannon