Lisa Nett, Owner and President of Daily Health, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best health supplements on the market with great nutritional products by supporting increased daily intake of wholesome all natural, pharmaceutical grade and organically grown nutrients along with body detox and parasite cleansers from top manufacturers.

Daily Health, Inc. was incorporated in 2006. Our intention was to help with the root of degenerative conditions. The idea of offering supplements like ours through Daily Health originally came from a strong desire to help others maintain optimum wellness to health conscious people through supplementation. Our goal going forward is to continue to grow, create more products that help to change people’s health and lives in a positive way.

Now that we have been in business for over 15 years and have served our customers month after month and year after year we would like to thank all of our customers for your continued business. It is you that has helped Daily Health to be what it is today!